Vashon Island Mold Remediation

Vashon Island mold growth timelineMold is nasty. Getting mold out of your home can be time consuming and costly.

Below is a mold remediation job we did for a client here on the island. We took pictures to show what a typical mold remediation and removal looks like:

Mold Remediation: Kitchen, behind the stove

Vashon Island mold remediation before

Mold Remediation: Broken pipe inside wall

Vashon Island mold remediation pipe behind wall broke


Vashon Island mold

Vashon Island mold

Mold Remediation: Temporary containment

Mold Remediation temporary containment


Mold remediation on Vashon, containment

Vashon Island mold remediation containment

Mold removal total containment

Vashon Island mold remediation

Mold remediation in progress

Vashon Island Mold removal and remediation by CFM Carpet Cleaning

Air scrubber with HEPA filter

Vashon Island air scrubber with HEPA filters

Vashon Island air scrubber with HEPA filters

Mold Remediated
Vashon Island mold repaired

Vashon Island mold removed

Mold removed, kitchen back in order

Vashon Island mold removal, back to 100 percent!

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